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FxPro and Watford FC Announce Sponsorship Agreement

14-06-2017, 05:00

FxPro Watford FC

14 June 2017, London. Online broker FxPro and London-based Premier League Club Watford FC are delighted to announce a three-season sponsorship agreement starting at the beginning of the 2017/18 season. This is the largest sponsorship agreement in the history of the Club, with FxPro acting as the new front of shirt and Main Club Partner as Watford FC heads into another season in the most competitive football league in the world.

Scott Duxbury, Chairman and CEO of Watford FC, commented:

“The past few seasons have been particularly successful for the Club both on and off the pitch. By partnering with an award-winning, UK-headquartered company, recognised both for their principled approach to business and for their decade-long leading presence in the financial services industry, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to the values that Watford FC is renowned for around the world.”

FxPro and Watford FC share the same values of honesty and fairness, with FxPro being known for its lengthy association with Premier League football while acting as a strong advocate for transparency and ethical trading practices in the financial services industry. A key part of the upcoming sponsorship will be the development of grassroots activity and community and charitable outreach programmes to further promote the causes to which both FxPro and Watford FC are committed.

Spencer Field, Commercial Director of Watford FC, stated:

“This agreement undoubtedly reinforces the growing appeal of the Watford FC brand on an international level. We are looking forward to developing marketing and activation initiatives in a range of global markets, which we are confident will benefit the Club over the next few years.”

FxPro CEO, Charalambos Psimolophitis, commented:

“We believe in the potential of Watford FC, who have proven themselves time and time again to be one of the most dedicated and driven Clubs in the Premier League. We are delighted to be acting as Main Club Partners and wish Watford FC every success in the coming seasons.”

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